Your Cholesterol Lowering Diet Should Include Flaxseed

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Filed Under: Heart Health, Cholesterol, Food and Nutrition
Last Reviewed 03/25/2014

Crushed flaxseed is a perfect food for a cholesterol-lowering diet. It contains essential fatty acids, high-quality protein, vitamins, precious phytonutrients, and lignans, as well as soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, all of which promote healthy cholesterol. In fact, research on soluble fiber shows that total cholesterol can be reduced by 11 percent and LDL cholesterol by 18 percent over a two- to three-week period.

For now, I hope all of you—even those of you whose cholesterol levels are in the normal range—will drink one flax shake a day. Many of my patients have lowered their cholesterol and lost weight when I 've put them on a flax shake. Give it a try!

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