Why Statins Are Dangerous

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Why Statins Are Dangerous

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know how I feel about statin drugs. Statins are dangerous. The only people who should be on statins are men over 50 who have coronary artery disease. For everyone else, statins may actually be raising the incidence of heart failure because they deplete the body of CoQ10—a biochemical that’s critical to heart health.

Recently, I wrote a blog about statins and memory loss and I thought that one of the people who commented described the dangers of statin drugs best. So, with her permission I’m reprinting her story…

“Statins put my dad in a nursing home, where he passed away after 9 months of rapidly declining health.  The first side effects he had from the statins was muscle soreness, and his arm and leg muscles wasting to almost nothing.  As a result he became less active.  And the less active he was the more his health declined. While taking statins, he was also taking...Tricor, [a common accessory to statins to treat hypercholesterolemia]. The Tricor dose was tripled and after about 8 weeks his memory just went suddenly. So much for statins protecting the brain! His health deteriorated so quickly while on the statins.

"Trying to convince his doctors the statins were causing his problems was like talking to a wall.  Mainstream doctors here do not acknowledge that these side effects are happening.  They say the incidence of these side effects is only 1 in 10,000...  They are relying on contrived studies conducted by the pharmaceutical companies. What does it take to have full and honest disclosure of side effects?

"When my doctor suggested that I may need to take a statin, I said NO WAY!  He was taken aback by that. Through dietary changes (like eliminating sugar), and taking several supplements I was able to lower my LDL by 41 points and raise my HDL by 23 points. Thanks to the information on your site, I knew that significant weight loss (in my case over 70 pounds) can temporarily raise LDL levels. He did not know that.

"In spite of his low cholesterol levels, my dad developed dementia that was diagnosed as Alzheimer’s, and he had several blockages in the smaller blood vessels in his brain. No statins for me, they are dangerous!”

Now it’s your turn:
What are your thoughts about statin drugs?

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