What CoQ10 Dosage Should You Take with Your Cholesterol Medication?

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TWhat CoQ10 Dosage Should You Take with Your Cholesterol Medication?

Can I take CoQ10 with my cholesterol medication?

Not only can you take CoQ10 with your cholesterol medication, I strongly recommend that you do take it. In fact, I receive more questions on CoQ10 supplements and the benefits of CoQ10 than on any other subject.

Why do you need the benefits of CoQ10? CoQ10 sparks energy production in every cell in your body, which is especially important for the heart since it's the biggest energy consumer in your body. Without enough CoQ10, your heart can end up struggling and you can feel a difference in your energy level.

It is common, well-documented knowledge that your body’s natural supply of CoQ10 decreases as you age. It is also known (and documented) that some drugs, most notably cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, can suppress CoQ10 production. That's because the same path that hinders cholesterol production also impedes your body from creating CoQ10. So, if you need to be on a cholesterol lowering statin drug, you should certainly take a CoQ10 supplement.

What's the right CoQ10 dosage if you're on a statin drug? If you're on a statin drug, I recommend taking 100 to 200 mg of CoQ10 a day. 

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