What are the Best Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements?

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What are the Best Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements?

Cholesterol concerns run in my family, but I really can’t tolerate statins at all. What Cholesterol-lowering supplements can I take?

To achieve optimal cholesterol levels, I suggest you start by adding a few key nutritional cholesterol-lowering supplements to a healthy diet, such as my Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. The core cholesterol-lowering supplements I recommend include niacin (vitamin B3), policosanol, delta tocotrienol and garlic. Get all the details on dosages for these core cholesterol-lowering supplements  .

In addition to this core group of cholesterol-lowering supplements, you can also experiment with a handful of others, including panthethine, nattokinase and phytosterols, which have also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Find out my recommended dosages for these and other cholesterol-lowering supplements . The reason I suggest experimenting with this wide variety of supplements is that managing cholesterol levels is a very individual thing. You need to see which combination of cholesterol-lowering supplements works best for you.

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