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We invite you to share your story.As some of you may remember, earlier this week Dr. Sinatra shared a story on his blog from a reader who wrote: "Statins put my dad in a nursing home..."

As this reader wrote, "When my doctor suggested that I may need to take a statin, I said NO WAY!  He was taken aback by that.  Through dietary changes (like eliminating sugar), and taking several supplements I was able to lower my LDL by 41 points and raise my HDL by 23 points. Thanks to the information on your site, I knew that significant weight loss (in my case over 70 pounds) can temporarily raise LDL levels..."

She literally used what she learned from Dr. Sinatra and took the bull by the horns to improve her own health. We know that many of you have similar stories of health successes...

* Maybe you've lost weight or started a new exercise program,

* Used dietary supplements and lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure,

* Bounced back from a heart attack or stroke,

* Or achieved another important health milestone, big or small!

To be featured on Dr. Sinatra's blog, just leave a comment below--with a brief description of your health success. I will contact you using the email address you use to leave your comment, and interview you to be featured in a future blog.

You can also nominate a friend or family member to be featured--again, by leaving a comment below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Singer, Blog Administrator

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