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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Dr. Sinatra and I travel a lot--sometimes more than 2 weeks a month (which would be really hard on our two dogs had we not such a loving personal friend, dog-lover, and care provider for them.)

This November was an especially busy month, the highlight of which was spending an evening at the home of Suzanne Somers in Palm Springs. Suzanne hosted a warm reception for MDs and others who had contributed to her recent book Knockout: Interviews with doctors who are curing cancer... and how to prevent it in the first place.
What an experience! Imagine an evening mingling and sharing with Suzanne and all the doctors Dr. Sinatra and I most admire when it comes to knocking out cancer: Stan Burzynski, MD; Nicholas Gonzalez MD; James Forsythe, MD; Julie Taguchi, MD; Russell Blaylock, MD; Jonathan Wright, MD; Michael Galitzer, MD, Burton Goldberg... It was such a gift!

Ralph Moss, PhD was unable to join us, but what an opportunity for Dr. Sinatra and I to meet and speak with such like-minded experts in their own specific fields! And what a great introduction to Knockout by our dear friend and colleague Dr. Julian Whitaker; he, too, tells it like it is when it comes to cancer treatment in this country. God bless him!

An entire chapter is devoted to each one of these paradigm-shifting doctors. Each one of them is rich with direct experience, new approaches, as well as HOPE and PROOF that cancer can be knocked out without chemo, radiation, and surgery. And, should you choose these traditional approaches, there are other options you must know about to make them safer, kinder to the body, and more effective. Dr. Sinatra contributed a chapter on the emotional aspects of living with a chronic illness, which is equally important.

Knockout is a must for all of us! Cancer statistics being what they are, we should all have a game plan in mind should we, or a loved one, ever hear those frightening words: ”I’m sorry, but you have cancer.”

Look, there’s no foolin’ a nurse, like me. I know that, like you, I am more likely to die of heart disease or cancer than anything else. That’s just pure statistics (with a tweak of family history, for good measure). And, while being a cardiac nurse, and living with Dr. Sinatra, I am somewhat confident about how I would handle a diagnosis of heart disease, I am way less secure when it comes to cancer!

So for me, this book is the best cancer resource I have yet to find! After sharing her own personal story, Suzanne’s interviews provide readers with all the information she wished she’d had at the time of diagnosis, so they don’t have to search archives and the internet to find answers--or spend hours in waiting rooms looking for the right doctor. I wish this reference had been here for us a year ago when my own daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer; the information is that rich and that hopeful.

A ten-year survivor of breast cancer (and a very beautiful and energetic one to boot!), who better than Suzanne Somers to bring forth the knowledge and experience of this group of dedicated and hardworking physicians who have dared to fight against the “status quo” in cancer treatment: poison, cut, and burn? You’d think folks would be “knocking” her door down to ask: “so, what DID you do?”

But, I know that’s not how things work. No one calls to ask Dr. Sinatra how he saved someone who was “left for dead” with his sometimes “unorthodox” approaches to cardiology either.  Go figure!  It absolutely stymies me why talk show hosts (like Geraldo) would even begin to challenge Suzanne after all she’s been through, let alone who she has consulted and what she has learned. But skepticism being what it is against anything “nontraditional” and non-‘Big Pharma’, they do! (Hmm…I should find the time to checkout who the network sponsors are for those talk show hosts, shouldn’t I? Maybe the purple pill dudes… Maybe the ED guys…)

Cancer is not a death sentence. Knockout (love the title!) frames out strategies for how to live with cancer, manage cancer, and ultimately strike the “knock out” punches that will bring cancer to its knees--for ALL of us. I’m just not so afraid of cancer anymore!

Thanks to Suzanne’s research, and her gutsy determination to get this information out to people--against all odds--I now know what I will do and whom I will consult should I ever hear “those words”. Don’t you want that for yourself and those you love? Don’t you especially want to know your options if you are in treatment for cancer, have ever been diagnosed with cancer, or are looking to know what to do to prevent it in the first place?

 I DO! 

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