Watermelon Does Everything Right for Your Health

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Watermelon is filled with health-boosting nutrientsFeasting on in-season fruits and vegetables is always heart-smart. The more fresh produce you can find that's organically grown the better. I thought I knew all there was to know about the perks of various varieties of fruit, but this summer I learned of a refreshing summertime drink—called Watermelon Delight—that’s rich in all the right stuff with a fruit I had underestimated: watermelon.

Watermelon is abundant in:

  • Carotenoids lycopene and beta carotene that neutralize free radicals to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Research shows that lycopene decreases the risk for cancer of the breast, prostate, endometrium, lung and colon; and other diseases.
  • Vitamins A and C which bolster your immune system. Watermelon provides 24.3% of the daily value for Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin K that helps control blood pressure, regulate heart beat, and possibly prevent strokes.
  • B vitamins: B1 and B6, important for energy production.
  • Magnesium: which works to lower blood pressure, assuage arrhythmia, and so much more.
  • Potassium: a cardinal mineral for the cardiovascular system.

Watermelon does everything right for your health. Plus, it quenches inflammation while it quenches your thirst.  Inflammation is an underlying culprit in heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis, and asthma.

Here’s how to make Watermelon Delight: Fill up a blender with chunks of chilled watermelon. Add water (either filtered, bottle, or fresh spring) until the container is about 2/3 full. Add the juice of a fresh lemon. Blend to the thickness and consistency you prefer: for results think enough for a sunny sorbet you can freeze for later, use less water. For a little variety—and extra antioxidants—toss in fresh strawberries, raspberries and/or ripe fresh mango.

The only downside with watermelon is that it’s high glycemic index. So, if you have diabetes you want to balance it out with a chaser of nuts for fat and protein. All fully ripened fruit is rich in antioxidant content, so enjoy the end of Farm Stand season.

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