Walking Club Check-In: Who's Your Walking Buddy?

Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

We all have those days that as much as we may like to walk, the motivation just isn't there. We're either too tired, too busy, the weather's not great, or we just plain old don't feel like doing it.

When that happens, I have a 4-legged friend named Boomer (the Corgi pictured here out on our porch--leash on, and ready to go) following me, and looking at me with those "puppy eyes" that make me feel guilty if we don't go--and inevitably we end up going out for our walk. When I return, I'm always glad we walked. As tired as I felt, walking always gives me new energy. Plus, those feel-good endorphins are the best mood-booster you can hope to find.

As you may know from following Dr. Sinatra over the years, he's a big dog-lover himself and a big advocate of having a pet, any type of pet. Not only is having a pet an enjoyable addition to your life, pets bring big health benefits, too.

What he's said is that medical research has shown, for example, that survivors of heart attacks who come home to loving pets have a 400 percent increase in survival over those who come home to a judgmental spouse. Dr. Sinatra has quipped that his wife's chided him about why he needs more than one dog, but as he says he just enjoys all that extra love around the house!

So, do you have a 4-legged friend that walks with you? I know that several of you have mentioned that you have dogs that do the "happy dance" when you put your walking shoes on.

Or, do you have a 2-legged companion that accompanies you on your power walks? Walking with a friend, or spouse, is definitely motivating-it can make your walk more enjoyable, too!

Plus, I know that sometimes it can just be nice to go for a walk by yourself. It's a great way to get some alone time, and clear your head. I know that I do some of my best thinking when I walk--and Boomer doesn't interrupt my train of thought, except when she wants to chase a squirrel.
Also, if you walked this week--please log in your days/miles/or time walked!

Have a great Saturday, and Happy Walking!


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