Walking Club Check-In: Need a Break from Walking, Try Dancing!

Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Dancing gives you many health benefits.Welcome, or welcome back, to the Dr. Sinatra Walking Club. If you missed the "official introduction," you can see it here. Each Saturday, I post a new Walking Club Check-in, where you can post your minutes walked, the number of times you walked, or miles by leaving a comment.

Do you ever feel like you need a break from walking? Then, try dancing.

Dr. Sinatra says many of his patients think he's joking when he tells them to dance for exercise. Maybe that's because most people think dancing is done only on special occasions. This is not so. You don't have to go to a nightclub or attend a wedding to dance. Put on your favorite music at home and dance with your spouse, a friend, or even yourself.

Dr. Sinatra says there are many benefits to be gained from dancing:

Dancing gives your whole body a workout and is a great release for tension. Feelings and emotions arise, especially in ballroom dancing.

It banishes negative feelings. You can't put your heart into dancing and feel negative.

It relieves tension. For most kinds of dancing, you need to move your hips and we hold a lot of tension in our hips and lower back muscles. Loosening them with dancing releases tension and stress. Dr. Sinatra says that when he's dancing, the pain from his chronic lower-back problem disappears.

The intimate contact you make while dancing helps heal your heart.

Now it's your turn:

1. Do you enjoy dancing? 

2. If you walked this week, please log your days, miles, or time walked. And if you just started your walking program, let us know that too.

Keep on walking, and dancing!


Remember to consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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