Walking Club Check-In: Finding the Right Walking Shoes

Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Make sure the walking shoes you choose have absorbent cushioning.Welcome, or welcome back, to the Dr. Sinatra Walking Club. If you missed the "official introduction," you can see it here. Each Saturday, I post a new Walking Club Check-in, where you can post your minutes walked, the number of times you walked, or miles by leaving a comment.

Recently, someone left a comment on a Walking Club post asking how to pick the right walking shoes. I thought that was an excellent question, so I did a bit of research on how to select walking shoes and this is what I found...

1. Get your feet measured every time you shop. Your shoe size can vary over time, especially if you've gained or lost weight.

2. Choose a true walking shoe, not a hiking shoe. You want a shoe that's going to bend and flex with your feet. One tip is to bend the shoe and see if it's going to flex where your feet bend naturally.

3. Make sure the shoes you choose have shock-absorbant cushioning, since each time you take a step you're putting stress on your feet and ankles. Some brands of shoes have an air pocket on the bottom to help absorb that shock.

4. To ensure an even distribution of weight, you want to select shoes that are as wide (or slightly wider) than your feet.

5. Shop for walking shoes near the end of the day, not the morning, since feet swell slightly over the course of the day.

6. Wear your athletic socks when you shop, so you'll be trying on shoes wearing the same socks you plan to use when you walk. 

7. Lace up both shoes, and spend some time really testing them out in the store before you buy. Make sure no part of the shoe feels tight or rubs against your feet, and that you have adequate cushioning and support. Also make sure you can wiggle your toes--if you can't, the shoe is too tight.

8. Replace your walking shoes at least every six months. Shoes lose their tread and support over time.

Now, since I'm not a shoe expert I'm going to turn the floor over to you--what do you look for in a walking shoe? Do you like the walking shoes you have?

Also, if you walked this week please share your days, time, or miles walked.

Have a great Saturday and enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!


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