Walking Club Check-In: 10 Reasons to Walk!


10 Reasons to WalkWelcome, or welcome back, to the Dr. Sinatra Walking Club. If you missed the "official introduction," you can see it here. Each Saturday, I post a new Walking Club Check-in, where you can post your minutes walked, the number of times you walked, or miles by leaving a comment.

We all know that walking is healthy, but sometimes it does help to see the motivation--in black and white. So, today I wanted to share a list compiled by Dr. Sinatra of 10 reasons to exercise:

1. Your heart will love you for it. Inactivity is the single most prevalent risk factor for heart disease. In fact, a new report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 30 percent of adults aged 18 and older reported being inactive.

2. It will reduce your risk of cancer.

3. You'll minimize your risk for stroke.

4. You'll improve arthritis symptoms. Increased muscle strength restores range of motion and flexibility and reduces pain.

5. You'll slim down. When you walk in the morning, you'll rev up your metabolism and burn calories.

6. You'll beat the blues. Anytime you're feeling down, walk or do other exercise to lift your mood. Studies show that aerobic exercise is a quicker mood elevator than antidepressants.

7. Your blood sugar will decrease, improving your use of insulin and preventing insulin resistance or diabetes.

8. You'll age more gracefully. When flexibility, bone mass, and muscle tone improve, you look and act younger. Lack of mobility gives away your age.

9. You'll sleep like a baby. Not only will you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply, your concentration and memory will improve and you'll stay on a more even keel emotionally.

10. You'll feel more amorous. Exercise not only increases growth hormone, a potent anti-aging hormone, it also improves body image, making you feel better about yourself.

Now it's your turn:

1) What's your top reason for exercising?

2) If you walked this week, please log your days, time, or miles walked.

Have a lovely Saturday, and Happy Walking!


Remember to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

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