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On the Road with Dr. Sinatra - December 2009

Every December, Dr. Sinatra and I always head to the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine's annual conference in Las Vegas. (There is great video of Dr. Sinatra presenting at the 14th annual Anti-Aging Medicine conference in 2008... check it out!)

This engaging conference is abundant with many stimulating and educational sessions on the latest topics and technologies in the world of alternative medicine. While I personally have some resistance to the term “anti”-aging, the caliber of speakers and vendors there is downright exceptional!

I can remember over a decade ago, Drs. Ron Klatz and Stephen Goldman had the vision to create this collegial academy so that there was a format for formal training in areas of alternative medicine for doctors and other healthcare professionals who are motivated to practice integrative medicine. Their first conference was held at the cozy and charming Alexis Park Hotel on Harmon Boulevard in Las Vegas. Now, the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine has several annual conferences in the US and the UK, and attendance in Vegas is so great that, for years, they been held in the larger hotels like the Venetian and Mandalay Bay.

Dr. Sinatra has been board certified in anti-aging medicine for years. He also contributes questions to their certification exam, has given some of the oral exams, and has lectured on various cardiology topics at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine for over a decade. This year, he taught a six-hour fellowship program on the subject of the metabolic cardiology treatment approaches that he has been using successfully for years. The talk included approaches for lowering blood pressure naturally, as well as how to increase HDL cholesterol levels, lower LDL cholesterol levels, and improve blood circulation without drugs.

Dr. Sinatra spoke at the last two annual Orlando-based American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine conferences held in April. There he met Houston-based attorney Richard Jaffee. After hearing him lecture on energy medicine and the emotional aspects of disease, Mr. Jaffee introduced Dr. Sinatra to his friend Suzanne Somers. The end result: Suzanne interviewed Dr. Sinatra for her book Knockout, which was released in October 2009. Like Rick Jaffee, Dr. Sinatra was honored to help with her mission to inform the public about alternative cancer care options that are available.

Who knows what may happen in 2010? For now, a plan to continue to teach other physicians at the Boca Raton American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine training module in March.

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