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Triple-Testing Philosophy

“Not only did I choose to partner with Healthy Directions because of their great mission of helping customers lead healthier, happier lives—I had total faith and confidence that they would deliver on it. Their Triple-Testing Philosophy helps ensure all of my supplements reach your doorstep in their most safe, pure, and potent form possible.”

Dr. Sinatra  

Our Triple-Testing Philosophy

When it comes to quality, we don’t just talk the talk…we walk the walk. Every product receives our three-step approach to testing with our Triple-Testing Philosophy:

Step 1: Rigorous Screening of Raw Materials

Step 2: 100% Finished Goods Batch Testing

Step 3: Independent Laboratory Testing


We start with a full-time team dedicated to Quality Control…

We don’t farm out Quality Control (QC)—we have a dedicated, passionate group of employees who spend their days checking and double checking paperwork to make sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed, ensuring that vendor qualifications and certifications are up to date and accurate. They also make sure all our bottles are safe, tamper-proof, and easy to open.

Why it matters: We’re not cutting corners to save on cost when it comes to quality. Our QC team members are personally invested in their work—and ultimately making sure you receive the highest quality supplements that are 100% safe and effective.


Every product goes through our Triple-Testing Philosophy

Our Triple-Testing Philosophy goes well beyond industry standards (including what the FDA requires) to help us maintain our spotless safety record and our reputation for having exceptionally effective products. Here’s how it works…


Step 1:

Rigorous Screening of Raw Materials

Every product’s raw materials are checked for identity, quality, purity, and potency. And we mean every product—long before it is ever packaged and delivered to your doorstep. In fact, all potential suppliers of raw materials must provide a Certificate of Independent Laboratory Analysis showing their material meets at least 15 detailed items on our checklist. This certificate is provided with EVERY shipment of raw materials we receive and ensures our manufacturers are receiving only the highest quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.

Why it matters: Our rigorous screening helps ensure you’re putting only the most pure and clean ingredients into your body. Plus, our doctors take the time to search out the most natural, potent, and safe ingredients to formulate their supplements—it’s our duty to make sure these ingredients are the highest of quality before they even make it into production.


Step 2:

100% Finished Goods Batch Testing

Label claims and purity specifications are checked using strict inspections throughout the production process—for EVERY batch. This means that at multiple steps throughout production, we’re checking that the product contains exactly what is promised on the label, and the purity of each product is exactly what it should be.

Why it matters: What you need is what you get. This step ensures that what’s on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle, every time—with full potency all the way through the product’s well-marked expiration date.


Step 3:

Independent Laboratory Testing

Each supplement is sent off to a third-party lab to make sure it meets purity and potency specifications for optimal efficacy. Yes, this means men and women in white lab coats, who have no association with Healthy Directions, are checking every supplement to make sure it meets our exacting standards. This isn’t required by the FDA—it’s just an extra step we take to ensure you’re getting the best possible quality in every dose.

Why it matters: Our QC team does an amazing job. But when it comes to your health and safety, we leave absolutely nothing to chance. That’s why we take this extra step of sending our supplements off to an independent lab for verification. It’s just one more way we’re committed to delivering on our Quality Promise.


When You’re Healthy, We’re Happy…

We insist on all of this (which exceeds FDA standards) to bring you the best quality supplements, at the best value, for an overall healthier, happier you.