Treat Heart Disease With a Heart Healthy Diet Plan

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Treat Heart Disease With a Heart Healthy Diet Plan

Dr. Sinatra has long believed in the famous words of Hippocrates, the Greek physician of centuries past who is now recognized as the “Father of Medicine.” Hippocrates employed food to assist his patients in healing their physical ailments. With all our high-tech medical approaches and complex pharmaceutical agents, it is amazing how much we have forgotten that simple approach!

Heart Healthy Food, Herbs and Supplements

After years of applying nutritional solutions to the myriad faces of heart disease—high blood pressure levels; chronic hypertension; high triglycerides; elevated L(p)a; angina; and heart attack and stroke—Dr. Sinatra has finally answered his patients’ many requests for a book that they can have as a reference at home. His research and personal experiences with his family, friends and cardiac patients has continually impressed my husband that Hippocrates was so right on—and provided the foundation for this effort.      

Dr. Sinatra has collaborated with former pro athlete and health editor Jim Healthy, as well as recipe queen Rebecca Bent, to write Bottom Line’s The Healing KitchenThe Healing Kitchen is a strategic resource for making healthy grocery selections and healing meal-planning guidelines, as well as specific recipes to assist you in selecting the right heart healthy foods to meet your specific health and fitness needs.

Subscribers to Heart, Health, and Nutrition have been reading Dr. Sinatra’s take on which heart healthy foods, herbs and supplements can help with their cardiovascular problems (not to mention cancer and other diseases caused by inflammation) for many years. Now all that information and more is the basis for this one reference to help guide you to foods that can heal your body. 

For instance, the omega 3 essential fatty acids—especially those found in squid and fish oils—assuage cardiac arrhythmia, lower blood pressure levels, reduce LDL cholesterol levels and even prevent plaque rupture. 

Garlic is a potent blood thinner and, like onions that are rich in quercetin, helps you prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Garlic and onions are both superb heart healthy foods for lowering blood pressure levels. And, speaking of hypertension, Dr. Sinatra also recommends sardines and wakame seaweed as natural blood pressure lowering foods. 

And that’s just the beginning! Did you know that the right heart healthy diet plan can help alleviate your migraines headaches, or that non-inflammatory foods can heal your arthritis? 

Foods can also protect women from menopausal symptoms, as well as heal and protect us from cancer. The lutein in tomatoes along with pumpkin seeds and other fine herbs and spices can help men with their prostate concerns. From heart disease and diabetes to sleep and sex, The Healing Kitchen will educate you about natural, tasty remedies for many of the illnesses that afflict the 20th century.  

If you are looking to use simple, heart healthy foods, herbs and spices to get your body back on track, and keep it there, you will love this book

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