There Is a Secret to Putting the Brakes on “Aging”

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There Is a Secret to Putting the Brakes on “Aging”

Have you ever wondered why some folks in their 80s look and act like they’re only 50 or 60? It makes you wonder: Are they just lucky to have inherited good genes, or do they have some secret to looking and feeling so great and healthy?

As many of you may know, in addition to being a cardiologist I have a strong background and certification in anti-aging medicine. So, the key to healthy aging is something I’ve studied intently. What I’ve learned is that while we can’t do anything about getting older (time does march on), we can influence how we age.

The secret to being, and feeling, young and vital as we get older is by addressing the two root causes of aging—at the cellular level. The first is protecting your body from the damaging free radicals that we’re all exposed to daily via sunlight, pollution, chemicals in the food we eat, and more. Many people are already aware of this risk factor and how important it is to fight free radicals with antioxidants.

But the second risk factor is one that few people are aware of: mitochondrial function. I’m a self-proclaimed “mitochondriac”—and firmly believe that protecting your mitochondria is the secret to keeping your heart, as well as every single cell in your body, healthy.

What are your mitochondria? They’re the tiny “energy factories” that exist in every cell in your body, producing 90% of your body’s energy. The cells in the heart, which work tirelessly to keep it beating, contain far more mitochondria than any other organ in the body—about 5,000 mitochondria per cell!

The key to healthy aging lies in addressing both damaging free radicals and mitochondrial function. To do that, I first recommend cleaning up your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables (especially red, yellow and dark-green varieties), reduce your intake of trans-fatty acids, drink green tea, and exercise daily.

I also recommend two new, clinically-studied anti-aging supplements that have gotten a lot of attention for their ability to address both risk factors of aging—BioPQQ® and Extramel® Melon Extract. Here’s how they work…

BioPQQ Helps to Fight Aging by Supporting the “Energy Factories” In Your Cells

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (BioPQQ) is a cofactor related to the B-vitamin family. It supports mitochondrial function by helping to keep every cell in your body energized. It does that by boosting the functioning of your mitochondria. BioPQQ also supports mitochondrial biogenesis, which means it helps to create more mitochondria in your body.

Cell studies have shown that PQQ improves both the quantity and function of mitochondria. Plus, at a 20 mg dose, PQQ supplementation shows improvements in stress, fatigue, quality of life, and sleep. What I like about PQQ as an anti-aging supplement is that it appears to have a synergistic effect with CoQ10, which is one of the top nutrients I recommend for heart health.

Extramel Melon Extract Fights Free Radicals and Improves Cognitive Function

The second anti-aging supplement that’s emerged in recent years is Extramel Melon Extract. It comes from a special variety of melon that scientists noticed remains fresh for 10 to 15 days—three times longer than other melons. The reason is that this melon contains a powerful antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Extramel Melon Extract has been clinically shown to significantly decrease perceived stress and fatigue in as little as 7 days, with lasting effects. Plus, it has a significant positive effect on cognitive function, fatigue, sleep quality, and quality of life.

As if that wasn’t enough, in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 70 healthy individuals took either 10 mg per day of Extramel (140 IU SOD) or a placebo for 4 weeks. Volunteers were tested and at baseline, day 7, and day 28, both groups exhibited improvement. However, the Extramel group had a 20% greater improvement over the placebo group by day 28—including cognitive improvements, less sleep troubles, and a better quality of life.

BioPQQ and Extramel Melon Extract are such huge breakthroughs in healthy aging that I created an entire formula to feature them, called MitoCell Protect. In addition to these powerful anti-aging supplements, I included vitamin D, coconut, and astaxanthin. Plus, I added a special Red Orange Complex® that contains powerful antioxidant protection against oxidative stress. 

Together, all of these anti-aging supplements work together to help slow the aging process. Plus, they help to make tangible differences in your life, such as maintaining the healthy function of your brain and eyes, and improving sleep, energy, and mood. What's also important is that you can take MitoCell Protect with the nutrients you get in Omega Q Plus. Together, they give you powerful support for heart health and healthy aging. 

Now it’s your turn: Have you tried any of these anti-aging supplements?

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