The Other Cure From Heart Supplements

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The Other Cure From Heart Supplements

ANAHEIM, CA—Hi folks.  I wanted to share some interesting news from a presentation I just made at the ExpoWest conference.  Humans and horses have a lot in common!  Both need CoQ10 and other heart supplements.

Horses and Humans Both Need Heart Supplements

I teamed up with Dr. David Horohov (in photo, at left) of the University of Kentucky Equine Research Department to test a hypothesis of mine, that heart supplements can help both four- and two-legged athletes.

The equine issue: 2-year-old thoroughbred horses in training for the race track often suffer debilitating injuries like pulmonary hemorrhage, compression fractures, and joint and ligament injuries. 

The research question: Can we protect these horses, and even enhance their recovery from very strenuous exercise performance, with a safe nutritional intervention? 

Together, we developed a five-nutrient heart supplement combination that included Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) , Glycine Propany l, L-Carnitine (GPLC), curcumin (a turmeric derivative) , Boswellin and D-ribose.

We tested the cardiovascular nutrition group against a placebo group in a double-blind study.  The horses were “breezed,” meaning they raced all out for a determined distance.  They were timed before the study started and again at planned intervals. Blood samples were also taken at each timing interval to measure inflammatory markers.  What we found is that the 5-nutrient heart supplement combination reduced inflammation and improved recovery. 

What’s the take-away for us humans?  It’s that the same powerful heart supplements –including CoQ10, GPLC, curcumin, Boswellin, and D-ribose—that help your nonstop heart muscles help all the muscles in your body. So, whether you’re an endurance athlete or weekend warrior, you should find that these heart supplements improve your performance and help you recover more quickly.

Recommended Heart Supplement Dosages

For people without health issues, the suggested dosages are 50-100 mg of CoQ10, 500-1000 mg of broad spectrum Carnitine or GPLC, 5 grams (1 tsp) of D-ribose, 200-400 mg of Boswellin and 250-500 mg of curcumin daily. These doses can be doubled or even tripled for moderate to severe illness or for a seasoned athlete looking to improve recovery from athletic stress.

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