The Magic of Garlic

Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

A few years ago, a small-scale trial conducted at UCLA explored the effects of aged garlic extract (AGE) on the natural course of calcified coronary artery (hard) plaque.  The 19 subjects who completed the protocol were well-matched for important variables like statin use and heart risk factors.

Researchers measured plaque at the study’s start and after twelve months. In the placebo group of ten people, the annual plaque progression rate was 22.2% (the range was actually an increase of 3.7 to 40.7% in this group).

Now, while levels for CRP and cholesterol parameters didn’t change significantly for any of the 19 individuals, the nine taking aged garlic extract tended to that it helped to increase HDL cholesterol levels and improved plasma homocysteine levels. Progression of cal­cific coronary disease detected by EBCT was significantly less, measured at 7.5% +/- 9.4%.

This preliminary finding should provoke larger scale investigation, but for now, it’s just another potentially good reason to add AGE to your program—especially if you know you have hard plaque and/or other cardiovascular problems.

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