Taking a CoQ10 Supplement with Cholesterol Medication

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Last Reviewed 02/15/2014

Taking a CoQ10 Supplement with Cholesterol Medication

Can I take a CoQ10 supplement with my cholesterol medication?

Not only can you take a CoQ10 supplement with your cholesterol medication, I strongly recommend that you do take it. In fact, I receive more questions on CoQ10 supplements and CoQ10 benefits thanthan on any other subject.

It is common, well-documented knowledge that your body’s natural CoQ10 supply decreases as you age. It is also known (and documented) that some drugs, most notably cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, deplete your body’s store of CoQ10. That’s why the Canadian government requires that certain cholesterol medications contain a label suggesting that people taking these drugs may have reduced CoQ10 levels as a result.

If you need to be on a statin (see my recommendations for who should consider taking statins to lower cholesterol levels), you should certainly take a CoQ10 supplement, as well as a handful of other targeted nutritional supplements so you can continue to get CoQ10 benefits.

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