Wgp Beta Glucan

WGP Beta Glucans—Powerful Immune Boosters

…nutrients. By far the most effective I've found are beta glucans. They do a superior job of bolstering your immunity. Recently, a new patented process has developed a 75 percent pure, advanced form called WGP beta glucan. The new WGP beta glucans are known as modulators—meaning they give you steady…

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Four Key Nutrients for Immune Health

…Mushrooms: I've long been impressed by the immune-supporting activity of medicinal mushrooms. In particular, coriolus mushrooms complement the WGP beta glucan as they stimulate additional white blood cells to help give complete support for a healthy immune system. Japanese oncologists have even been using…

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10 Health Tips for a Strong Immune System

…Tip #7: Follow the Pan Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. * Health Tip #8: Take targeted nutritional supplements like beta 1/3, 1/6 glucan, N-acetylcysteine, coenzyme Q10, WGP beta glucan and liquid cat's claw (samento). * Health Tip #9: Use stress-reduction techniques. * Health Tip #10: Practice good hygiene…

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