Omega-3 SLIM (60 softgels, 30-day supply)

Item## OMW


…CardioSLIM Coach program) helps... * Lose weight * Reduce body fat percentage * Safely increase metabolism to burn more calories * Maintain steady blood glucose levels * Stimulant free and safe with heart medicines * And so much more… Plus, get my 12-week weight loss coaching program...FREE! --> * W *…

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SLIM10 Fiber Chews (60 chews)

Item## WLC


…support weight loss “As a cardiologist, I’ve witnessed the transformation that occurs when someone loses weight. Not only do they feel and look better, but they’ve saved their heart from years of added stress. There is simply no greater favor you can do for your heart than losing weight.” —…

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Free-T Support for Men (60 tablets, 30-day supply)

Item## MTE


…improving libido, desire and performance…they fall short. Free testosterone not only helps enhance sexual performance, but when used as part of a weight training program, can boost lean muscle mass as well! That’s why I formulated Free-T Support™ for Men—delivering the targeted nutrient support…

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Ultimate Healing Cookbook (e-book only)

Item## YZB10


…facts key so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much. The foods in each recipe have also proven to be the best for maintaining a healthy weight. But it’s certainly not all about health—Dr. Sinatra made sure that every recipe is tasty, delicious, and many of them easy to prepare! The Ultimate…