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Tomato Juice and Bone Health

…osteoporosis. How to Get Lycopene for Bone Health But you don’t need to drink tomato juice to get that antioxidant protection. In addition to tomatoes, watermelon, guava, grapefruits, asparagus, red cabbage and persimmons all contain lycopene. Or, you can take a lycopene supplement for bone health. Plus, it’s…

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The Health Benefits of Watermelon

…about the perks of various varieties of fruit, but then I discovered a refreshing summertime drink with a fruit I had underestimated: Watermelon. That's right! Watermelon is rich in all the right stuff, including: * Carotenoids lycopene and beta carotene that neutralize free radicals to prevent heart disease…

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Heart Healthy Grilled Watermelon Salad

…Maryland when Jan spied the appetizing dish on the menu—grilled watermelon salad. So, I said to Jan, “You can grill watermelon? Where have I been? Let’s give it a try!” As you may recall from my blog on the health perks of watermelon, it’s an extremely heart-healthy food, rich in antioxidants like…

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5 Heart-Smart Secrets for Your July Fourth Celebration

…compound—chlorogenic acid—has viral and cancer fighting properties. Here’s how to enjoy it on the grill. * Enjoy watermelon with your meal, or for dessert. Not only is watermelon sweet and delicious, it’s one of the most heart-healthy fruits you can eat. It contains carotenoids, lycopene and beta…

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