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What Kind of Cholesterol Testing is Best?

…sticky—making it more prone to clotting. As with cholesterol, there are also different types of triglycerides. The type to be most concerned about is VLDL3, which is the most inflammatory triglyceride. It’s a prime indicator for the progression of heart disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes…

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Healthy Cholesterol Levels Defined

…(a): less than 30 mg/dL for a standard blood test; less than 10 mg/dL for a VAP test * Total triglycerides: 50–100 mg/dL * Triglycerides subtype VLDL3: less than 10 mg/dL In addition to the recommended healthy cholesterol level ranges above, your doctor can review your test results to see if your LDL…

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Heart Tests: The Sinatra Smart Zone Scores

…range, work with your doctor to manage the situation. Additional values identified by the Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) test that I regard as healthy: VLDL3 Heart Test Score: Healthy Zone: My Healthy Solutions: See Total Cholesterol. You can also add 1-2 g fish oil or Calamarine daily and 50-100 mg nattokinase…

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