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Healthy Cholesterol Levels Defined

…(a): less than 30 mg/dL for a standard blood test; less than 10 mg/dL for a VAP test * Total triglycerides: 50–100 mg/dL * Triglycerides subtype VLDL3: less than 10 mg/dL In addition to the recommended healthy cholesterol level ranges above, your doctor can review your test results to see if your LDL…

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Heart Tests: The Sinatra Smart Zone Scores

…range, work with your doctor to manage the situation. Additional values identified by the Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) test that I regard as healthy: VLDL3 Heart Test Score: Healthy Zone: My Healthy Solutions: See Total Cholesterol. You can also add 1-2 g fish oil or Calamarine daily and 50-100 mg nattokinase…

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