Video Games

6 Holiday Gifts to Avoid or Use with Caution

…want to keep off your holiday shopping list, or at least use with caution: 1. Video game systems. Wireless video game systems emit dangerous EMRs, even when the units are turned off. If you do choose to use Wi-Fi gaming systems, or buy them for children, make sure they’re unplugged when not in use…

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Could Your Home Be A Cause For High Blood Pressure?

…-Fi, and proximity to cell towers. Be sure only to turn on Wi-Fi when you are accessing the internet, and limit your exposure to television and video games as well. Now it’s your turn: Are you living in a toxic field? You May Also Be Interested In * Does Salt Cause High Blood Pressure Levels? * Secrets…

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Wi-Fi Radiation Prevention Tips

…that you have. Now it’s your turn: Are you concerned about your children’s exposure to Wi-Fi? You May Also Be Interested In * Are those home videos games safe for your kids? * The health dangers of various forms of electropollution

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