Video Games

For EMF Protection, Use Video Game Systems with Caution

…many of us don't realize is that we, and our children who are extremely vulnerable to EMR exposure, are also getting a dose in our video game systems. Many video game systems use Wi-Fi which emits EMR, and I’m a big proponent of banning Wi-Fi in our schools. There is no evidence that the frequencies…

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6 Holiday Gifts to Avoid or Use with Caution

…want to keep off your holiday shopping list, or at least use with caution: 1. Video game systems. Wireless video game systems emit dangerous EMRs, even when the units are turned off. If you do choose to use Wi-Fi gaming systems, or buy them for children, make sure they’re unplugged when not in use…

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Wi-Fi Radiation Prevention Tips

…that you have. Now it’s your turn: Are you concerned about your children’s exposure to Wi-Fi? You May Also Be Interested In * Are those home videos games safe for your kids? * The health dangers of various forms of electropollution

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