Vascular Dementia

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Vascular Dementia Can Happen to Anyone

…World Alzheimer’s Month. It’s also the month it became time for my mother-in-law Peg to move into an extended care facility (ECF) due to her vascular dementia (VaD). So, what is VaD? While it’s often mistaken for Alzheimer’s disease because mental functioning slowly deteriorates over time, with VaD…

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Folic Acid for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Prevention

…are learning that elevated homocysteine levels contribute to Alzheimer’s and other dementias just as they put you at risk for heart disease. Bring down homocysteine, and you reduce cardiac risk as well as dementia risk. Lower Elevated Homocysteine Levels for Alzheimer’s Prevention What is homocysteine?…

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Alzheimer's Disease Touches All of Us

…grandchildren to visit daily. The atmosphere is more like a "home" than a hospital. Because of her cardiac history and symptoms, Mom more likely has vascular dementia than the Alzheimer's type. But sadly, both are progressive. The 2014 reported statistics remain the same, and expected to worsen by 2050. Of Americans…

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When You’re the Caregiver, Don’t Forget to Care for Yourself

…decision to transfer their beloved mom Peg to an assisted care facility due to her vascular dementia. It was a decision that didn’t come easy—and in fact, snuck up on the family over time. Like many people with dementia, at times Peg is conversational and appropriately interacting with her environment…

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Alzheimer's Disease Prevention: Know Your Risk Factors

…form of dementia at this point. Seeing my mother-in-law go through this ordeal is a real reminder that we all want to do our best to prevent dementia. Like any health condition of aging, including cardiovascular problems, being educated about the risk factors for developing vascular dementia is important…

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