Vap Test

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New Life-Saving Cholesterol Testing

…for additional cholesterol testing. Only then will you know what’s really going on and whether or not cholesterol is, for you, a serious heart risk factor. Two New Cholesterol Blood Tests * The first is called the VAP test—short for vertical auto profile. This test can break cholesterol down into…

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…particle size test, which will measure your LDL and HDL cholesterol subtypes, as well as Lp(a). You can ask your physician to order the VAP test ( or the LPP test from Spectracell ( Here are the optimal cholesterol numbers you want to see in your test results. * If…

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Much of What Passes for High Cholesterol Is Harmless

…common cholesterol tests just look for high cholesterol and don’t check for fraction patterns, I recommend asking your doctor to prescribe the VAP test or the lipoprotein particle test. Both cholesterol tests are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. What Do the Cholesterol Tests Tell You? If the…

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Beware of Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…cholesterol levels, ask your physician to order a test from Quest Diagnostics, the VAP test ( or the LPP test from Spectracell ( Unlike the generally useless standard lipid tests, these new-generation tests monitor your cholesterol particle patterns and evaluate…

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