Trans Resveratrol

Omega Q Plus Resveratrol (60 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## YEA


…This exciting news is just one more reason Omega Q Plus Resveratrol is one of my TOP recommended supplements for keeping your heart and entire body on the path to great health. Trans resveratrol for healthy circulation and arteries Resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant found most notably in…

Omega Q Plus Resveratrol and Turmeric

Item## ORT


…daily dose of Omega Q Plus Resveratrol and Turmeric provides you with my new “gold standard” for heart health: the core heart-smart nutrients I’ve recommended for years, plus a highly absorbable form of turmeric! Trans resveratrol supports healthy circulation Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant…