Thyroid Tests

Aftermath of Japan: How to Protect Against Radiation

…millions of us living within 100 miles of a nuclear power station or military facility where nuclear weapons have been manufactured, stored, or even tested. These plants release slightly radioactive gases and produce low-level radioactive waste. In recent years, there have also been leaks of the radioactive…

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The 14 Most Dangerous Toxins to the Heart

…form toxins called trihalomethanes. These have been linked with asthma, cancer, and heart disease. Chlorine has also been shown to interfere with thyroid function. Limit your time in chlorinated pools or spas, as chlorine is absorbed through the skin, and shower immediately after exposure. If your tap…

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Is It Your Heart, Or Is It Lyme Disease?

…unexplained symptoms. The first test your doctor can do is the blood enzyme immunoassay (EIA) or blood immunofluorescence assay (IFA). If either test comes back positive, your doctor can request a Western blot test. The problem, though, is that the majority of these tests can produce a false negative even…

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