Avoid Trouble Swallowing Pills With These Tricks

…Have Trouble Swallowing Pills * Lubricate your mouth and throat with a few sips of water before taking your vitamins. * Tip your head forward with your chin down when swallowing pills. The pill will float to the back of your mouth, as your throat opens—making swallowing a cinch. * Use a water bottle…

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Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Young Women

…(middle, left, or right side) discomfort, pain or pressure * Back discomfort * Pain or tingling of the jaw, elbow or arm (more often the left arm) * Throat tightness * Shortness of breath * Indigestion, or a feeling that if you could “burp” * Nausea or vomiting * Lightheadedness with exertion, dizziness…

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7 Ways To Survive Cold and Flu Season Naturally

…boiling water. Simmer for 5–10 minutes. Add 1 tsp of honey and stir. You can drink up to three cups a day to fight off an infection and soothe a sore throat. * Take oscillococcinum: This over-the-counter homeopathic remedy derived from duck heart and liver helps to prevent and/or temporarily reduce flu…

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