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The Teeth-Organ Connection

…know that Dr. Sinatra has been fighting off a hip replacement for a few years now. What you may not know is that, according to Chinese medicine, the teeth overlay a complex meridian system that represents a map of the human body. According to this systematic view of our biological terrains, each tooth…

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No Need for Antibiotics Before Dental Appointments

…with Richard Hansen, DMD, FACAD, a dentist with some cutting-edge approaches. Dr. Hansen told us about the fairly new use of lasers for cleaning the teeth (the Sterilase technique). So, we decided to give it a try it for ourselves. Never would I have dreamed that a dental procedure could have been transformed…

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The Most Common Blood Thinners

…bleeding when you overdose, weakness, cold sensations, itchy skin, fever and abdominal discomfort. * Easy bruisability and bleeding gums from brushing teeth. * Wounds and cuts that take longer to heal. While anticoagulants help prevent thrombotic and embolic strokes, the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke is higher…

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What is an Angina Attack?

…attack include chest pain/pressure/discomfort, shortness of breath and fatigue. Less typical are a pain, pressure or discomfort in the jaw (and/or teeth), the arm (including the elbow and wrist), or indigestion. Some folks describe a feeling that if they could just “burp” they would feel better.…

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