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Five Secrets for Effective Weight Loss

…while soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are loaded with useless calories and sugar. * Eat Plenty of Green Foods—Green foods, also known as superfoods, are rich in chlorophyll, minerals, and other precious nutrients and fiber. I always recommended one to two servings a day of leafy dark green veggies…

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Announcing the Best Heart Health Diet Recipe Challenge

…they can be for main dishes, vegetables, snacks, soups, heart-healthy desserts, or whatever you choose. For inspiration, see my top-recommended super-foods. • What will you receive for taking the Best Heart Health Diet Recipe Challenge? I will feature a variety of the recipes I receive on my blog and…

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9 Secrets for Achieving a Healthy Weight

Now that summer's in full swing, the advertisements for weight loss programs are ramping up. But despite what some diet programs promise there is no easy answer or “magic” bullet to quickly propel you from chubby to chic without any hard work on your part—despite what some of the diet…

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Make Healthy Breakfast Choices

…avocado. Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite healthy breakfast choice? You May Also Be Interested in * Healthy Breakfast Choices for Kids * Super Foods for Good Health

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Heart Healthy Eating: Cooking Brussels Sprouts

…sliced the sprouts in half, and place them flat side down to simmer in organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)—which is one of my top heart-healthy super foods. Then he added some simple spices. What a tasty, crunchy, colorful dish to complement our salmon dinner—making it an entire evening of healthy…

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