Sugar Substitute

Heart-Healthy Diets: 6 Surprising Foods to Avoid

Sugar Substitutes and Artificial Sweeteners: Many sweeteners are touted as healthier because they’re natural, but don’t buy into the hype. Whether it’s raw sugar, agave, or molasses, if it contains sugar it can raise your blood sugar—and lead to arterial inflammation. Chemical sugar substitutes

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5 Heart-Healthy Tips for Lean Living!

…your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar minimal. It may feel like these substances give you a boost or some relaxation, but in the long run, they are detrimental to your physical well-being. Better yet, toss all coffee including decaffeinated and substitute green tea. The nutrients in green tea will…

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Heart Healthy Eating: Cooking Brussels Sprouts

…enjoy that might complement this dish. I've even been toying with the idea of using halved, precooked Brussels sprouts as a kind of “meatball substitute,” tossed with Jerusalem artichoke pasta. I also wanted to mention that garlic can be optional ingredient for those of who do not enjoy it’s flavoring…

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