Statin And Memory Loss

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Statin Drugs and Memory Loss

…patients that cholesterol-lowering statin medications cause memory loss, one of many statin drug side effects, and many patients never connect the dots themselves. In fact, I’m convinced that a lot of what we call “senior moments” is really a reaction to statin drugs. Here’s the reason… Cholesterol…

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Important Warning About Statins and Diabetes

…evidence that statin therapy confers any protective benefits at all for postmenopausal women. Plus, for both men and women statins shouldn’t be used as a broad-brush preventive measure since they have numerous unwanted side effects, including memory loss, diabetes, cataracts, and more. Statins are very…

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Why Statins Are Dangerous

…else, statins may actually be raising the incidence of heart failure because they deplete the body of CoQ10—a biochemical that’s critical to heart health. Recently, I wrote a blog about statins and memory loss and I thought that one of the people who commented described the dangers of statin drugs…

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A Healthy Cholesterol Level Isn’t Always Lower

…the prescription pad and prescribe statin medications. But the fact is, cholesterol isn’t the enemy and your body requires cholesterol in order to function properly. In fact, research has found that low levels of cholesterol, 160 ml/dL or less, can result in a loss of sex drive, depression, cerebral…

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CoQ10 Facts: What You Should Know

…* If you’re on a statin medication, you MUST take CoQ10. Not only do statins stop cholesterol production, they also hinder your body’s production of CoQ10. That’s why many people end up with muscle aches and weakness while taking statins. Statins can also cause memory loss and a host of other…

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12 Foods To Include in a Heart Healthy Diet Plan

Food manufacturers would like you to believe that their cholesterol-lowering cereal, or weight-loss bar, is your best health-food option out there. But the fact is, there are 12 food groups that can make a real difference in your heart healthy diet plan—and not a single one comes with food dyes or…

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