Magnesium: An Unsung Hero

…between low magnesium and high blood pressure levels. Over time, low magnesium levels may predispose the interior of your vessels to contract (go into spasm); eventually, high blood pressure can result. Magnesium can come to the rescue of contracted blood vessels and even reverse some of the damage. Good…

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Calcium Channel Blockers 101

…blockers are even endothelial-cell friendly—that is, they encourage smooth-muscle relaxation in the inner lining of your blood vessels, preventing spasms and helping them dilate. Unfortunately, there are many side effects of calcium channel blockers. These include: * Ankle swelling * Headaches * Dizziness…

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5 Top Heart Health Mistakes

…-related macular degeneration (AMD, the leading cause of blindness). The lethal chemicals in cigarettes (and marijuana) can precipitate coronary arterty spasm, as well life-threatening arrhythmias that all too often result in sudden cardiac death. If you smoke, do everything you can to stop smoking and preserve…

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