7 Ways To Survive Cold and Flu Season Naturally

…throughout cold and flu season. * Try a warming socks treatment: If you feel a cold coming on, warm your feet for 5–10 minutes in a hot bath or foot soak. Dry your feet, put on a pair of thoroughly wrung out wet cotton socks, cover with a dry pair of socks and go to bed. This form of hydrotherapy helps…

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Walking Club Check-In: How to Walk In the Rain

…you who also live here in the Mid-Atlantic States know exactly what I'm talking about. When it wasn't sprinkling, it was pouring. We were literally socked in for days on end in a wet, wet world...but it didn't stop my walking program. Since fall is typically the rainy season, I thought it was a good opportunity…

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Walking Club Check-In: Finding the Right Walking Shoes

…the end of the day, not the morning, since feet swell slightly over the course of the day. 6. Wear your athletic socks when you shop, so you'll be trying on shoes wearing the same socks you plan to use when you walk. 7. Lace up both shoes, and spend some time really testing them out in the store before…

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