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What Is a Healthy Cholesterol Level?

…here's the key: Lots of small, dense particles and many particles, oxidized particles, and high LP(a); dangerous scenario. These are people where I wouldn't want to intervene and give them anti-inflammatory agents to lower that inflammatory risk of having this small-particle cholesterol, which if oxidized…

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Broken Hearts Increase Heart Disease Risk Factors

…uncontrollable ones like heredity and advancing age, and those that are controllable: smoking, diet, weight, sedentary living, hypertension and high (small-particle LDL) cholesterol. Acknowledging "hidden" psychological and emotional risk factors for heart disease can help us develop healthier lifestyle patterns…

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What is Cholesterol Fractionation Testing?

…combination of both, so we call it A size, B size, or AB. AB is a combination of a fluffy particle and also a small particle. The problem is the more small particles you have, the more dense those particles, the more inflammatory cholesterol is. The more inflammatory cholesterol is, the more it can cause complications…

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