Scar Tissue

What To Do After a Heart Attack

…its energy to healing. As it builds scar tissue, the energy left for physical exertion is diminished at first, but does recover gradually over time. The heart needs a full three months to truly heal after a heart attack, filling in and strengthening scar tissue in the area where the cells died—and…

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The Most Common Blood Thinners

…thinners like Coumadin can protect you from a stroke if you have mechanical heart valves, atrial fibrillation or had an extensive heart attack (scar tissue weakens contraction of the left ventricle, which may allow blood to stagnate and clot). Blood thinners are also prescribed for atrial fibrillation…

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What are ACE Inhibitor Drugs?

…had a heart attack. After a heart attack, your left ventricle may have wall motion abnormalities, meaning that the scarred areas are not contracting with the rest of the muscle tissue. Echocardiograms have shown that ACE inhibitor drugs support the left ventricle so that it works more like a healthy…

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