Prostate Solutions (60 softgels, 30-day supply)

Item## PRS


…supporters, including… * Saw palmetto—an extensively researched berry extract shown to help block the production of 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT). By helping to maintain normal DHT levels, saw palmetto promotes proper…

Coconut Oil (60 softgels, 30-day supply)

Item## HCO


…healthcholesterol ratios, blood pressure, inflammation, and more. So when I read the Harvard studies on the anti-aging power of Trans-Resveratrolwhen I saw clinical proof improvements in circulationI knew I had found a truly remarkable improvement to Omega Q Plus." --> Try Coconut Oil Today --> * W * W *…

Omega Q Plus® 100 Resveratrol (60 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## OQR


…same healthy foundation of heart-smart nutrients found in Dr. Sinatra’s clinically studied Omega Q Plus Resveratrol - in which 96% of participants saw on average a 55% raise in CoQ10 blood levels (and 60% in statin users) - but with Omega Q Plus 100 Resveratrol - you get twice the dose of CoQ10 for…

Omega-3 SLIM EXTRA for Men (60 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## OSM


…improved heart health. And, in another clinical study, participants taking GreenSelect Phytosome in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise saw a reduction in waist circumference! This remarkable extract helps your efforts to address any plateaus you may encounter on your weight loss journey…

Omega Q Plus Resveratrol (60 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## YEA


…clinical study to see just how much this powerful formula raises CoQ10 blood levels. And the results were AMAZING! A full 96% of study participants saw their CoQ10 levels increase after 4 weeks of use. Omega Q Plus Resveratrol was clinically shown to consistently raise CoQ10 blood levels by 55%! And…