The Health Benefits of Saunas

…health-boosting technology, including saunas. That was the case years ago when I got to sit in a small sauna made with special cured wood and an electrical system that was perfect to install right in your own home. Experience the Healing Benefits of a Sauna Saunas are an excellent healing tool because…

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8 Health-Boosting Secrets From My Life

…(1–2 glasses once or twice a week), green tea (1-3 cups a day), and water (8–10 glasses per day). 7. Practice detoxification. I have a far-infrared sauna in my house, and I try to use it at least once a week. I’ve also made sure the house is outfitted with water, air, and shower filters to remove as…

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Are Airport Security Scanners Safe?

…tub full of medium-hot water and add 2 cups each of baking soda and sea salt. Soak for about 20 minutes, or until the water cools. * Use an infrared sauna. As far infrared rays penetrate the body, the transfer of water across cellular membranes increases, improving blood flow and facilitating healing.…

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