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The Magic in Red Wine

…still have much more to learn about the benefits and limitations of resveratrol supplementation for humans, but for now I recommend 25–30 mg of reseveratrol a day in supplement form to start, not to exceed 250 mg a day.

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WEBINAR: 8 Steps to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

…You know, a small banana is basically about 600 milligrams. Now, reseveratrol is important because studies have shown some vassal dilation. We call it "forward medial dilation" when they do studies in the brachial artery. And reseveratrol, again, it has this nice endothelial friendly component where it…

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VIDEO: How Resveratrol Helps to Protect and Improve Heart Health

…ATP, it makes perfect sense to me as a cardiologist. I mean, Omega Q Plus is my very, very best product, but I wanted to improve it, so I added reseveratrol. The Heart-health Benefits of Resveratrol Now, why resveratrol? Resveratrol is a cardiovascular dream for me. There was a study that showed an increase…

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