Rapid Heart Rate

Civil War History of Stress and Heart Disease

…abnormalities he expected to find with an irritable heart, such as an enlarged or dilated heart. In his 1871 report of 300 soldiers, he also described GI ailments, diarrhea and high fevers in those with more advanced cases. Moreover, Da Costa identified rapid heart rates that were extremely influenced by body position…

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On the Road With Dr. Sinatra

…people we met, actually turn their household electricity off while they sleep to limit their exposure. Then, there was Una. Her palpitations, rapid heart rates, and lightheadedness all dissipate when she travels. And her husband confirmed the difference in how she feels and relates when they stay in locations…

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

…that the death rate of people in the U.S. with diabetes has dropped substantially. Plus, the number of people with diabetes and heart disease has dropped as well, but is still much higher than those who don’t have diabetes. Facts About Diabetes and Heart Disease * The most common heart problem that diabetes…

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