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“But I’m Too Young to Have a Heart Attack…”

…day. * If you smoke, quit. Sage Stallone was not alone in smoking a couple of packs daily. Smoking is hard on the heart because it slowly pushes up blood pressure at the same time that it encourages blood to clot; a lethal combo. Reportedly, the young actor was making moves to quit, but tragically…

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Secondhand Smoke Even Hurts Your Pets

…compounds that’s in firsthand smoke. The take-home message: many people, even smokers, worry more about their pets than they do themselves. In fact, they often take better care of their pets than they do themselves! So, if you want to try to help a smoking pet owner quit the habit, share this news with…

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Are Teenagers Setting Themselves Up for Heart Disease?

…light or occasional smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke can contribute to heart disease. Plus, like regular cigarettes, hookah can cause lung cancer later in life. In fact, an epidemiological study conducted by a researcher at the American Cancer Society, found that who smoked water pipes experienced…

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The 10 Most Common Heart Health Fallacies

…non-metabolized sugar calories as fat. So be sure to scour package labels for the sugar content. 3. Smoking has some virtues. Even after they had a heart attack, some of my patients continued to smoke. They had all kinds of excuses to justify their behavior, such as “it relaxes me,” “it takes the…

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Should You Get Screened for an Aneurysm?

…it is for other cardiovascular concerns: follow a prudent diet, exercise, keep your weight and blood pressure levels healthy, and avoid smoking and secondhand smoke. Medical management can also include medications to keep your heart rate and blood pressure at safe levels. If you need blood pressure management…

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When “Managed Care” Means Managing Your Own Care

…follow through. If the solution turns out to be medication, take your meds faithfully as directed. If it’s a dietary change, more exercise, or quitting smoking, stick with that solution. * Track your health. Once you begin a course of action, check regularly to see how it’s working by keeping a log…

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