Earthing for Earthlings

…been collaborating with entrepreneur Clint Ober on their book Earthing. For years, Ober has been pursuing scientific research validating the simple principle that resonates so much with my husband: direct contact with the earth feeds the body with the natural and subtle electric energies that restore balance…

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Wi-Fi Radiation Prevention Tips

…a move to strongly discourage their states and provinces from allowing Wi-Fi radiation in their schools. They're employing the “precautionary principle," encouraging the use of Ethernet connections until Wi-Fi is proven safe for human consumption. Meanwhile the telecom industry is operating with the…

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Selenium Supplements and Prostate Cancer

Here’s some important prostate cancer news that I want to share with you. New findings just released from the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) showed that for some high-risk men, a high-dosage of selenium supplements can be risky for the prostate. What Is the SELECT Trial?…

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