Prescription Niacin

Is Niacin Effective and Safe? Here’s My Take

…diabetes. These niacin findings are based on the results of two clinical trials. The first, called the AIM-HIGH trial, looked at 3,414 high risk patients taking prescription strength extended-release niacin. But it was halted after just three years due to the fact that scientists found few niacin benefits.…

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Your Doctor Says No to Supplements, Now What?

…tremendous safety record. * Also remember how supplements compare to prescription drugs. A 2011 study reveals that each year in this country, adverse effects cause about 4.5 million visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals. In fact, prescription drugs are our fourth leading cause of death, killing more than…

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How to Find a Good Cardiologist

…cardiologist a “top doc” on my list. 5 Tips to Find a Good Cardiologist * Asks you about your diet. A good cardiologist won’t treat you with a prescription pad alone, but will ask what you’re eating and guide you toward healing foods. For instance, potassium rich foods can relax the arterial walls…

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