Treating Low Ejection Fraction

…stent placed. All of my blood work is normal with good cholesterol measurements and C-RP of 1.13. I take Lipitor (20mg), Metropolis, Ramipril, and Plavix, and also [Dr. Sinatra’s] Omega Q Plus. The problem is my EF is 30 percent to 35percent, with few symptoms. I exercise daily on my elliptical. What…

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Heart-Healthy Foods That Benefit Other Conditions, Too

Discover the heart-healthy foods that benefit your entire body, from your digestion to your immune system. As you know, eating the right heart-healthy foods can have a positive impact on your ability to maintain optimal heart health. For example, asparagus helps to prevent damaging oxidation that…

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Check Your Fibrinogen Level to Reduce Your Heart Risk

…adhere to a healthy cardiovascular nutrition program to keep your fibrinogen level at a healthy level. Caution: If you are taking Coumadin, aspirin, Plavix or any combination of these blood-thinning agents, you should not take nattokinase or garlic because you could thin your blood too much. Now it's your…

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