Peripheral Vascular Disease

Plaque Buildup and Peripheral Artery Disease

…this condition peripheral vascular or arterial disease. You may know it as “poor circulation.” An estimated 12 million Americans are affected by the disease, and its incidence increases with age—about one-fifth of people age 70 and older have it. Doctors agree that peripheral circulation problems…

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Are You a Candidate for EECP Therapy?

…high blood pressure levels * Coumadin or other anticoagulation therapy * Aortic valve regurgitation * Thrombophlebitis or bloods clots * Peripheral vascular disease in the legs or previous leg amputations * Pregnancy or immediately following cardiac catheterization or bypass surgery After two prior coronary…

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The Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

…sulfur content. But some studies suggest that garlic lowers blood pressure levels by increasing the dilation of blood vessels and reducing peripheral vascular resistance. Others indicate that garlic's antihypertensive value may be related to its ability to prevent the digestive system from turning fat…

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