Passion Flower

Dangers of Mixing Drugs & Vitamins

…magnesium (more than 600 mg), as a combination of this mixture may cause additional heart rate slowing. * Do not use the herbs valerian root or passion flower if you take tranquilizers like Valium or Xanax because this combination can make you drowsy.

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Are You Taking a Dangerous Nutritional Supplement?

…: Comfrey Take: Digestive enzymes Avoid: Danshen Take: Niacin Avoid: Germander Take: Chitosan Avoid: Gugulipid Take: Niacin Avoid: Kava Take: Passion flower Avoid: Lobelia Take: Fish oil, magnesium, and quercetin Avoid: Pennyroyal oil Take: Digestive enzymes Avoid: Yohimbe Take: Muira puama or L-arginine

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