Pan Asian Modified Mediterranean Diet

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Follow This Heart Healthy Diet Plan

…to back up this delicious, heart healthy diet plan. And best of all, it’s not really a “diet” so much as a lifestyle choice. My Pan-Asian, Modified-Mediterranean (PAMM) Heart Healthy Diet Plan I have been a proponent of the modified Mediterranean diet for years—even before it became fairly mainstream…

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The Heart-Brain Connection

…indicates that, just like the heart, your brain needs the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and nutrients. The same Pan Asian Modified Mediterranean diet (PAMM) that Dr. Sinatra recommends to prevent cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders as well as promote overall…

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Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Lp(a)

…approach. Here’s what I recommend: * If you’re as concerned about good cardiovascular nutrition as I am, I hope you’ll follow my Pan-Asian Modified Mediterranean diet. You’ll eat fresh fish (cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel) and fish oils at least two to three times a week. You’ll…

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