Pamm Diet

The Side Effects of Statin Drugs

…an appropriate reason should be chasing it down with a minimum of 200 mg of hydrosoluble CoQ10. Adhering to a smart cholesterol lowering diet, like the PAMM diet I talk about so frequently, is a wonderful way to maintain healthy cholesterol. You’d be surprised by how just eating the right foods can…

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

…Health Center. * A low-carbohydrate diet can help to ward off diabetes and heart disease. High-glycemic foods release glucose into the bloodstream quickly, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar and a subsequent rise in insulin. Instead, I recommend the PAMM diet which includes 45 percent to 50 percent…

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The Heart-Brain Connection

…the heart, your brain needs the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and nutrients. The same Pan Asian Modified Mediterranean diet (PAMM) that Dr. Sinatra recommends to prevent cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders as well as promote overall optimum health, is…

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