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Mediterranean Eating for a Healthy Heart

…of a full-sized dinner plate. I know that some of you are skeptical of healthy heart nutrition plans, so let me tell you something else about the PAM diet. It's not just scientifically sound. I've tested it myself—along with a lot of other diet plans—and it's delicious! I challenge you to give it…

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4 Foods for Depression

…your mood and thereby lower your weight, but that’s the way our systems work. As you probably know, I recommend the Pan Asian and Mediterranean (PAM) diet for everyone. But if you suffer from mild depression, here are four foods for depression I recommend adding to your diet. Four Foods for Depression…

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Heartfelt Lessons from an American Legend

…cardiology, I am even convinced that with metabolic cardiology we can even reverse heart disease. Some of my top recommendations include eating a PAM diet and exercising. Plus, you want to take a powerful nutrient combination I call the “awesome foursome”: CoQ10 (50-150 mg daily), magnesium (400…

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…optimal cholesterol numbers you want to see in your test results. * If your HDL and/or LDL subtypes need improvement, I recommend a combination of the PAM diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise. * If your Lp(a) is high, my top recommendation to neutralize it is to take 1-3 g of niacin daily. I also recommend…

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What To Do After a Heart Attack

…friends with others going through recovery just like you!) * Follow a heart-healthy diet regimen. I recommend following the Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. I also recommend simple walking, with your doctor’s permission of course. Even if you follow the PAMM diet to the letter, I still have my own patients…

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