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Sugar is a Major Cause of Heart Disease

…and liquor. Many people don’t realize that alcohol contains a large store of hidden sugar. * Eat an anti-inflammatory Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. My heart-healthy PAM eating plan includes 40 to 45 percent slow-burning, low-glycemic index carbohydrates; 35-40 percent healthy fats; and 20-25…

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4 Foods for Depression

…your mood and thereby lower your weight, but that’s the way our systems work. As you probably know, I recommend the Pan Asian and Mediterranean (PAM) diet for everyone. But if you suffer from mild depression, here are four foods for depression I recommend adding to your diet. Four Foods for Depression…

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Heartfelt Lessons from an American Legend

…cardiology, I am even convinced that with metabolic cardiology we can even reverse heart disease. Some of my top recommendations include eating a PAM diet and exercising. Plus, you want to take a powerful nutrient combination I call the “awesome foursome”: CoQ10 (50-150 mg daily), magnesium (400…

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What To Do After a Heart Attack

…friends with others going through recovery just like you!) * Follow a heart-healthy diet regimen. I recommend following the Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. I also recommend simple walking, with your doctor’s permission of course. Even if you follow the PAMM diet to the letter, I still have my own patients…

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