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Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits and Aging

Some of you have been reading online that fish oil can make you age faster and shorten your lifespan. So, you’ve written to ask if you should switch from marine-based omega-3s (like fish oil and Calamarine) to safflower oil. My answer is a resounding no! Here’s why … The Benefits of Omega-3…

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Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk

As you may remember, last week I wrote a blog called 5 Things Your Cardiologist Won’t Tell You. In that blog, I invited readers to ask any cardiology questions they had—and I’ll be answering all of them in future blog posts. Today, I wanted to answer a question asked by Melanie. She wrote,…

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Fish Oil: The Cardiovascular Superstar

Beginning in the 1970s, Danish researchers discovered that Greenland Eskimos had a low incidence of heart attacks compared to Westerners. The Danes linked the hardiness of Eskimo hearts to a diet abundant in fish oil, which they felt had potential anti-atherosclerotic benefits. This original study…

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The Truth About Fish Oil Supplement Benefits

It’s all over the news today. “Fish oil supplements don’t prevent heart attacks, study says.” “Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements May Not Help the Heart After All.” As a cardiologist, these types of headlines alarm me, because if people stop taking their fish oil, we’re going to see a huge…

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